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Charo Durán

Sings South-American Folklore in Spanish & Dutch

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In the 1970's lots of South American people fled their countries, because of the unsafe environments due to dictatorships and civil wars. They were in search of a new and safer home in other parts of the world. One Bolivian man ended up in The Netherlands and found love in the capital Amsterdam.


As a child of two worlds, with a Bolivian father and a Dutch mother, Charo is always researching an essential human principle: where is my home, where do I belong, who am I? Am I defined by my DNA, the culture I was brought up in, the country I was born in? Am I defined by my gender or age, the (un)conscious choices I make, what I (don't) believe?  What defines a human being, where do we differ from each other and what connects us to one another?

After Charo graduated from the Musicaltheatre department of the Conservatory in the Netherlands, she eventually found what touches her heart and fits her like a glove: the South American music she grew up with as a child.

In search of her musical identity, Charo traveled the South American continent, which resulted in an online documentary series featured on YouTube: The South-American Dream. Watch it here

Charo was inspired to introduce the rich musical folklore tradition of South America, into The Netherlands and the Flemish part of Belgium in her very unique way: she not only sings the songs in the original Spanish lyrics, but  writes her own poetic Dutch lyrics to the music.    


Her first solo performance "Como un río - Like a river" (2012) featured on many festivals, in small theatres and private events. Charo's second show 'Op zoek naar mi hogar - In search of my home' (2016) was successfully performed on festivals, up until the birth of her son Maël in the beginning of 2017. 

Since 2019 Charo is performing "An hommage to Mercedes Sosa - The voice of South America" together with Chilean guitarist/singer Alvaro Pinto Lyon. 

In the summer of 2021 Charo toured The Netherlands with her show "Un Amor Revolucionario - Latin American Folklore songs about a Revolutionary Love". Read more about it here

If you are interested in the concerts Charo gives or would like to acquire more information for a performance for your event, please contact through the form on the bottom of the page.