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Charo Durán

A new Nation of Unity 

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Today I invite you to meet yourself and the Other. 

To see where you differ from the Other, and to see your similarities.

Today I invite you to experience that you are interconnected with the Other, 

both on a visible and invisible level. 

Today I invite you to become an active part of a new nation of people that consciously create unity: a new nation of Unity.


Welcome. Are you with me?

Desde lejos, ben ik gekomen

Op zoek naar mi hogar

Prachtig land en tan querido

Ya no es tiempo para llorar

A new Nation of Unity

An interactive performance about Belonging and Unity

My Mission

Meeting the Other in a playful, musical and embodied way, experiencing diversity ánd connection, and consciously contributing to social interconnectedness and Unity.



This interactive performance is the perfect mix between a concert, a conversation and a workshop.

It combines the strongest elements of these three disciplines:

-> The beauty of the music and the lyrics open and touch the heart

-> Playful invitations to chat with someone next to you in the audience, creating sincere encounters

-> Live processing of the conversations, presented directly in musical form 

-> Every person with their unique voice matters and is an essential part of the whole - not only through speaking and writing, but also through singing together 


This interactive performance can be played at different kinds of settings:

  • Music & Theatre festivals

  • In theatres and inside venues

  • Small living room settings

  • At the work place as team building or DEI training introduction  

    The duration is +/- 60 minutes and is suitable from 6 up to 6000 persons. For more information and bookings, please feel free to contact Charo through e-mail or the contact form below.

She slogged, she sang, she soothed her weary soul 

not from here, ni de alla, both half, never quite “whole” 


And then deep down she found a little light

she discovered heart broken open her birthright, 

el derecho de nacimiento, un reconocimiento with me, So, Aqui,


Aqui estoy, as white, as brown, as tall, as round, exactly me 

Here, no more in between, por fin. 

Colorin, colorado, este cuento no se ha terminado, 

pero empieza aqui, 

And this, this is just the beginning.

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